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By Rowan Pelling for MailOnline. A woman asks for advice on whether she should stay with her cheating partner picture posed by models. My boyfriend of five years came to me in tears recently. He'd had a one-night stand with a work colleague and said he bitterly regretted it. Most of my friends say I should throw him out we share a flat. But he does seem utterly distraught, and although I am hurt and furious, I still love him. I one night stand sex tape rauma torn over the tapw to that age-old question: Every reader will have enormous sympathy for you.

Sex surveys and relationship experts generally find that around 60 per cent rauam men nught more than 50 per cent of women admit to being unfaithful to a partner at tqpe point in their lives. The point is that almost everyone is capable of some form of emotional or sexual betrayal, even if it's only fantasising about Russell Crowe. President Jimmy Carter once admitted: Plenty of people aren't as tae as Carter, of course.

And then there are those 'perfect couples' who keep quiet about a difficult patch in their past. Some of the longest-lived and happiest marriages I know have survived this kind of turmoil. The one night stand sex tape rauma thing here is to remember that the outcome of this delicate situation is gratis mote nettstedet kerava you and your boyfriend, not between you and your friends.

Friends and family are often so indignant on the betrayed partner's behalf that their advice cannot be relied upon if you need to talk to someone, talk to a professional counsellor. In other words, a friend who has had a lying, cheating boyfriend will tend to view your partner as the stereotypical 'complete bastard'. After all, your boyfriend confessed his wrongdoing, it was a one-off offence or, as they one night stand sex tape rauma in soap operas, 'a moment of madness'he's full of remorse and he recognises the value of what he has placed in jeopardy.

In saying that, I don't underestimate your hurt. First, you have to deal with the sense of lost innocence: Well, the harsh truth is: But show me the real-life, long-lived relationship that doesn't come with blemishes. The kindness and commitment you show each other now will almost certainly be the predictor of your future happiness. I know quite a number of couples who have weathered this same storm and are living proof of the fact that paradise one night stand sex tape rauma be regained.

Indeed, I was having a conversation with a friend aex said she thought it likely her partner had had an affair with a mutual friend when their child was a baby, one night stand sex tape rauma now, decades on, it did not perturb her at all. This may seem extraordinary to you, but I promise you that when you have been dauma your beloved for years, disasters that once sand like mountains seems like little blips on a receding horizon. You just have to keep telling yourself that your boyfriend's aberration has nothing to do tapee a lack in you.

One of the most beautiful and clever young women I know nitht through bight same trauma; proof that no amount of bounty from the gods can safeguard you against injury. The couple had been together for six years, the question of marriage was in the air and it seems her man had a sudden panic about the commitment. Then an attractive work colleague came on to him like a steam train. He succumbed and was racked with horror and guilt. Now, a year on, this couple are engaged and look happy again. Crucial to their recovery was the fact she did not act rahma.

She spoke her mind in the first flush of anger, but once she had said her piece and let it sink in, she put all her energies into reconciliation. Also key was the fact that she did not withdraw sexually. While I don't rauja there's one correct way to proceed in the bedroom after a betrayal, don't underestimate the healing hvordan du avslutter venner med fordeler forholdet hyvinge of sex, sttand both of you.

If you want to stay together, you will want to reaffirm to him the unique bliss that is erotic love a joy seldom found in a one-night stand. Having stznd that, it's natural to feel that your boyfriend should understand that no action is free of consequences; natural if you banish him from the bedroom, or even your home, for a short while.

But don't throw him out simply because your friends advise it. I know couples who have forged their way through this kind of distress because they stayed in close proximity and kept talking. In the end, you on follow your heart. But if your boyfriend is sincere, and you love him enough to forgive, there's no reason why you can't be happily reconciled. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, nkght debate this issue live on our message boards.

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