Trffit Lapua

Just a quickie, I don't handload and it looks like there's a reasonable selection of match ammo for both calibers. Cost isn't much of a concern, it's not like I'll be fast firing anything, and the rifle s I'm considering all come in both calibers, so the firearms are the same. Kaunis pillu kangasala would you guys pick and why? I'll be primarily shooting yards, occasionally to yards and one day I'd like to shoot to a mile.

You picked a 6. For shooting yds and occasionally yards, you can do that with Rem. The mile case is what you want to focus on, and for that with Win Mag or LM. Nainen etsii miesta suomi24 kirkkonummi can shoot it, but you need 90 MOA of up to get there, and most scopes won't let you do that even with MOA cant.

Both WM and LM will get there at MOA. So again, WM and LM will both get there with ease. If you don't want the cost, noise, recoil disadvantages of LM, WM will get there without all those issues and with off-the-shelf high performance trffit lapua from ABM. You're really not kidding about the 6. Not to mention hit ratio was trffit lapua non existent. And I do agree Winnie is a good middle ground of OPs choices. I think you need to look up your math. I think you need to trffit lapua reading blogs.

There is no 7mm bullet that can keep up with the gr Berger in WM. It is almost an exact ballistic clone of the gr LM. If you trffit lapua new to the game, start with something trffit lapua will help you really learn the fundamentals and be forgiving to shoot enough you actually learn them. If you need energy on target then that's a different story, however, you never mentioned that need so it sounds like you should start loading up some grain pills and smacking steel.

But you're absolutely right. The difference here is like "mustang vs f". From the sounds of the shooting you trffit lapua to do I would go 6. It's on my wish list too. I've owned a few winmags that Cougar chat gratis orimattila did like, I guess I just wanted to try something different. No hate for the round, just didn't want to go there again. Kinda like buying the same car three times.

I currently do not trffit lapua, I used to, but I sold all my stuff a long time ago in the process of moving. I have considered getting a simple single stage press just for LRP shooting, which could happen, but for now it will be dating sex nettsteder ylojarvi ammo. I'm biased though, as I don't have a LM. My reasons for picking creedmoor is cost and comfort.

I reload, so, sending frigjore ingen strenger nurmijarvi of creedmoor down range weekly isn't going to break my bank account. So, all that's left is comfort. I dont know if I can handle rounds of Lapua magnum in a day though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Trffit lapua a new link. Submit a new text post. OK, finally able to get in on this "long range" thing. Now I need someplace longer than yds to shoot. Trffit lapua sit behind both a vortex Gen2 Razor HD and a Steiner M5Xi x56mm or own either?

This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Hey all, Just a quickie, I don't handload and it looks like there's a reasonable selection of match ammo for both calibers. Here's a table For shooting yds and occasionally yards, you can do that with Rem. Seriously so many people overlook 7mm and win mag. I think you need to stop reading blogs There is no 7mm trffit lapua that can keep up with the gr Berger in WM.

Lmao and mv is fucked up its close but 7mm edges out. Not to mention back blast. With the you will be lucky to keep your eyes open with hearing protection doubled. You can hand load fantastic 6. You can load fantastic ammo for less than 3 dollars a round. Posts trffit lapua automatically archived after 6 months.

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