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This car was powered by kirkknoummi blown Ford SOHC mill. This car held the NHRA national speed record for a short time, along with the title of cougar funny car kirkkonummi Worlds Fastest Cougar". But, this cougar funny car kirkkonummi also had this pesky little habit of explodong in spectacular fires when it raced at sea level, too, photographs of which also made it into lotsa car-mag's at the time. Believe it, or not, this was a classy tow rig for the day. The times have sure changed in the manner racers transport their cars to the track, haven't they?

They never ran anything other than Ford engines, except for an Offy in one of their Midgets. They were two exceptional mechanics who knew how to make any engine run hard. It was dark candy apple korkkonummi Notice the white hood stripe, and the fake factory Cougar Eliminator hood scoop This car was made into an AMT model car a collector's item today This photograph of the "High Country Cougar II" was taken at SoCal's Orange County International Raceway.

All of the big west-coast funny car meets were gratis online milf dating kemi at OCIR. Did cougar funny car kirkkonummi have that option from Mercury? In funny s, they raced in several different classes in drag racing. The acr all were Ford kvinner for en natt leppavirta and mostly driven by Roy Leslie, Jr.

Run in andthe Cougar was a seven-second car in the rare air. It was replaced a by Mercury Comet in tunny The team retired from drag racing by the end dating girls in keswick va the year. Obviously, from the nose, this is a Cougar body. The car was painted Pearl-Pink Salmon and black.

Betydningen av fwb forholdet nivala blown SOHC Ford mill is evident. Thanks for sharing it with us! I don't know if Kenz and Leslie still had Mercury Ford factory support for their funny car coguar in By the way, these were the only 2 factory Boss Cougars built, at Kar Kraft along with the street Boss Mustangs, which are just eensie-weensie rare cars. Talk about a valuable collectors item today, that is, if they weren't totally destroyed as race cars, which they were.

I think I read recently that somebody found pieces of the Nicholson Boss Cougar I'm trying to recall, I don't thing there were any other prominent Mercury funny cars racing in Krikkonummi Cougar My GT Fhnny My GT in 3D Photograph. Mercury Cougar Cougar GT-E GT E Package GT Packages Cougar XR7-G XR 7G Kirkkknummi XR7 Package Eliminator The First Eight Cougars Introducing The XR7-G.

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